Transfer Thessaloniki - Sani

A short excursion into the history of the famous resort

In the sixties, all the tourism on the Kassandra peninsula was centered around the only hotel complex in Paliouri, on the southern tip of the peninsula. The rest land remained unexplored and inaccessible to tourists. It is worth noting that the bridge that connects Kassandra with the mainland did not exist.

In 1962, the first attempts to develop the lands that once belonged to the monastery of Stavronikita were made. Since it was impossible to get there by car, the transportation was conducted by sea, with a starting point in the village of Potidea. Despite the fact that these places were surrounded by marshes and impenetrable thickets, the first owners managed to discern the potential of these territories, captured by wild nature. The idea of building a hotel appears a bit later in 1964-65.

One of the most famous modernists in the country, designed the area of Omonia in Athens and numerous hotels in different parts of Greece was appointed as an architect. Paying attention to the natural low slopes, providing an unobstructed view of the sea, he designed a central building and bungalows. Continuous landslides, soil movements and groundwater became a real challenge for the builders.

Despite difficult conditions, they managed to build small houses with garages on the first floor and the main building with a view of the sea.

In 1970, the hotel accepts the first foreign tourists from England. Each day, they were served a traditional cup of tea, and for dinner - a hot soup. Employees of the hotel were amazed by the luxurious toilets of ladies and the habit of drinking hot tea even during the hot summer. Foreign languages at that time were a luxury, and the staff spoke a mixture of Greek, English and German. Greek evenings with national music and dances were arranged for the entertainment of guests.

Slowly the reputation of the hotel reaches Europe, and more and more foreigners want to live the unique experience of accommodation in a secluded hotel, famous for its hospitality and fine staff. Horse riding in the forest, promenade along the embankment, fishing and walking along the water to the medieval tower - all this enchants the guests of the resort and makes them wish to come back.

For more than half a century, the inspired work of two generations has changed not only the appearance of the region, but also the entire peninsula of Halkidiki. Today Sani Resort is a unique holiday destination in Greece, year after year confirming the status of one of the best resorts in the country.

A transfer to Sani takes about an hour, and the distance from the airport of Thessaloniki is 70 km.