Transfer Thessaloniki - Neos Marmaras

This is a unique village on the peninsula of Sithonia, which combines the sea and the mountains, which makes it one of the most popular destinations for tourism on the peninsula of Halkidiki. Neos Marmaras annually accepts up to 20,000 tourists.

Excellent infrastructure, wonderful beaches, water sports, traditional taverns and bars - everything promises here the best conditions for recreation.

The village was built in 1922 by settlers from Asia Minor. It is surrounded by endless sandy beaches, pine trees and crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

Local residents are involved in the production of olive oil, honey, farming and fishing.

History lovers will be interested to visit the numerous churches built on the territory of the village, which once belonged to the monastery of Grigoriou, located on Mount Athos. Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary - one of the main local attractions was built in 1863.

Local cuisine will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. In the local taverns you can taste the freshest seafood, such as: all kinds of fish, squid, shrimps, cuttlefish or an amazing pilaf with mussels. You can also try some other products that this region is famous for: olives, homemade wine, almonds, fruits and spices.

Walking along the embankment, surrounded by pine trees, towards the beach, you will appreciate the view of the island of Kelifos, which reminds a turtle with its shape.

The transfer from the airport of Thessaloniki to the village of Neos Marmaras takes about 2 hours, and the distance is 110 km.