Transfer Thessaloniki – Katerini

The city of Katerini is located in the valley formed between the region of Pieria and Mount Olympus. This is one of the newest and most beautiful cities in Greece, located next to important archaeological sites, such as the ancient city of Dion and the castle of Platamon.

The largest park in the Balkans, covering an area of 100 acres is situated in this region. The beautiful beaches of Litohoro and hiking trails leading to Olympus should be mentioned as well.

In Katerini there are no such dilemmas as mountains or the sea, as this place allows you to enjoy both, combining a wonderful holiday with visiting cultural attractions.

Paralia Katerini

Paralia Katerini is a common name for the resort area of the region. The green and azure landscapes of Katerini, and, of course, Olympus, the mountain of the gods, towering above the beaches of Pieria, each of which has its own beauty and its own character are waiting for you here.

Paralia Katerini is the closest coast to the city of Katerini, which has a length of several kilometers. The proximity to the airport, the endless sandy beach, crystal clear waters and hotels of different categories, make this place popular with both Greeks and foreign tourists.

Beautiful beach, developed infrastructure, an abundance of accommodation options and a lively nightlife attract many vacationers who want to combine beach holidays with all kinds of entertainment.

Castle - Fortress Platamon

The Castle of Platamon is one of the most beautiful and well - preserved fortifications in Greece. It is located at the foot of Mount Olympus, on a hill overlooking the sea, protecting from ancient times the shortest road connecting Macedonia and Thessaly.

The fortress is built on the site of ancient Heraklion by the Lombard Crusaders in 1204. After the capture of the Byzantines, in the 14th century it was occupied by Turks.

Transfer to Katerini takes about an hour, while the distance to the airport of Thessaloniki is about 100 km.