Transfer Thessaloniki – Kalithea

Every year, millions of tourists aspire to go to Greece to spend an unforgettable vacation under the hot sun and turquoise sky. Halkidiki remains one of the most popular destinations for many decades. And if Kassandra is the most densely populated peninsula, during the summer time, then Kallithea is one of the most popular settlements of this peninsula.

It is difficult to say what exactly caused such an interest in Kalithea. Perhaps, it is the incredible nature: azure sea, pine groves, white sand and the air filled with the aromas of mountain herbs. Another good reason can be a developed infrastructure, because here you will find everything for a perfect vacation for both adults and children.

Travelers can enjoy various beach bars, cafes, restaurants, traditional taverns and night clubs, which deserve special attention, since young people choose this destination precisely because of the rich nightlife. It is worth noting that local entertainment attracts not only tourists, but also local residents who come here from Thessaloniki and other surrounding cities.

For those who came here in search of peaceful and quiet life, there is always the opportunity to take a break in one of the quiet hotels on the beach and enjoy a beautiful view of the Sithonia peninsula. Tired from a long stay on the beach, you will certainly want to try some local seafood delicacies. Grilled squid and octopus, Dorade and mussels in tomato sauce, all of this and much more, accompanied with a glass of white wine or strong tsipouro will leave an indelible impression of a meal in a traditional tavern.

From Kalithea, it is easy to get to the city of Thessaloniki, to the other two peninsulas or to other villages of Kassandra, where you can make some fascinating walks.

As for the historical sites, next to Kallithea, you will find the ruins of the ancient sanctuary of Amon Zeus.

A transfer to Kallithea from the airport of Thessaloniki takes about an hour, while the distance between them is about 75 km.