Transfer Thessaloniki - Hanioti

Hanioti (or Haniotis) is a large settlement located in the eastern part of the Peninsula of Kassandra. It is believed that the village was named after its first resident, who settled nearby and arrived here from the island of Crete from Chania. According to another theory, the word "Hanioti" means an inn, a small hotel, where tired travelers could take a break and have some rest after a long journey.

Today Hanioti is one of the most popular summer destinations on the peninsula of Chalkidiki. The azure sea, a long coastline, traditional tavernas on the beach, the rich night life and the atmosphere of the cosmopolitan resort make this place attractive for tourists and locals coming here looking for a great mood and unforgettable impressions from holidays in Greece.

A huge collection of accommodation options includes apartments and hotels of various categories. It is worth noting that Hanioti is famous not only for the numerous benefits of a well-developed infrastructure, but also for a unique microclimate that absorbed the scents of pines, mountain grasses and the freshest sea breeze. Perhaps that is why the village is so loved by young people and families with children who will appreciate the beautiful beaches, clean sea and delicious Mediterranean cuisine.