Transfer Thessaloniki Airport – Sithonia

Sithonia is the middle peninsula of Halkidiki striking with its unique diversity, with exotic beaches, traditional villages and camping sites.

The capital of the municipality of Sithonia is Nikiti. This is a town with a population of about 3,000 permanent residents, standing on the site of an ancient settlement dating back to the 14th century. Walking along the cobbled streets, near tall palms, buildings with flat tiled roofs and balconies, on which two can hardly fit; an incredible atmosphere of this place is felt.

In addition to walking in the village, one should definitely visit the former school, where the historical and folklore museum is located now, carefully preserving the traditions and customs of the region. Bright, with large windows lined with wood, the museum gives us the opportunity to learn more about the past of this village through a variety of exhibits.

There is another charming traditional village in half an hour's drive from Nikiti, proudly called Parthenon, due to its location, since it was built at an altitude of 350 meters above the sea level.

Parthenon gladly acquaints you with the peculiarities of its history and local folklore. A beautiful restored museum located in the old town will help you to make a journey into the daily life of the old village, which revolved around some certain household objects like a loom, olive containers and shawls worn by women, used as cradles for children, freeing hands for work.

Neos Marmaras is located next to Parthenon, in about 6 km. This is a small town founded by refugees from Asia Minor. Walking along its narrow streets, passing in front of taverns and watching the guests enjoying fresh mussels, sun dried octopuses and local fish, there is a feeling that here you can indulge in a real carefree rest.

The village offers a magnificent view of the island of Kelifos, also known as the Turtle, because of its shape. It is an uninhabited island with olive groves, rabbits and goats, where, according to a legend, there was an ancient sanctuary of Zeus. The island is surrounded by breathtaking seascapes, which joyfully greet you, praising the beauty of this Mediterranean paradise.

Beaches are, of course, one of the most important tourist "sights" of Sithonia. Cavourotripes, Vourvourou, Sarti, Tristinika, Toroni, Kalogria, Lagomandra - you can always choose something that will suit your taste.

Cavourotripes are perhaps the most famous ones. These are the beaches on the eastern side of Sithonia, which impress with the combination of a pine forest touching the sea coast, emerald waters of the Aegean Sea, whimsical white stones and endless skies.

The distance from the airport of Thessaloniki to the village of Neos Marmaras is only 120 km, and the transfer will surprise you with many incredible landscapes outside the car or bus window.