Transfer Athens - Loutraki

Loutraki is located in 80 km from the city of Athens. Along the beach which is located inside the city there are several beach bars and other points without umbrellas where one can swim. The largest part of the beach has pebbles. The sunbeds are mainly free of charge if you order something from the respective beach bar.

Famous for its thermal baths and for its amazing sea, Loutraki is embraced with a long, magnificent beach stretching for 5 km.The great climate and the natural environment, its crystal clear beaches, the famous mineral and thermal water, makes Loutraki a unique tourist destination.

Loutraki is also a perfect place both for relaxation and entertainment. Its hot springs contain a lot of sodium chloride and thus have a healing capacity, mainly for kidney and stomach, but also for arthritic and neuralgic diseases. Even the drinking water coming out of the local wells has great importance for health. That is why it is bottled and can be bought in the market. The easiest way to get to Loutraki from Athens is to book a transfer on our website.