The most amazing waterfalls in Greece and a natural SPA

Transfer Thessaloniki - Edessa

Edessa is the capital of the prefecture of Pella - the birthplace of Alexander the Great. The history of the town of Edessa, one of the most important of ancient Greece, has been unceasing since its creation until today. With natural riches and built on the Rock, due to its strategic position, it has been attracting conquerors from the neighboring countries.

Its waterfalls, its numerous canals, which cross the city as well as the small bridges, large parks and tree-lined streets, are the key elements that make this town unique.

The waterfalls of Edessa are amazingly located in the center of the town. Edessa is the town of waters, since its famous Waterfalls are the biggest in all the Balkans.

The water of the waterfalls comes from the Kaimaktsalan snow, while their flow is fully controlled and the water supplies 2 power plants.

You can book a transfer to this wonderful town, which is located in 100 km from Thessaloniki.

Transfer Thessaloniki Loutra Pozar

The thermal springs of Loutra Pozar are located at 13 km. northwest of Aridea, at the foot of the Kaimaktsalan Mountain. It is a resort on the banks of the river of Termopotamos, which crosses the region.

A natural SPA where the water has a constant temperature of 37 ° C has existed here for thousands of years and is surrounded by an incredibly beautiful landscape that combines the charm of the emerald forest and the fast river. Visitors coming here from every corner of Greece and from other countries strive to feel the life-giving force and healing properties of thermal water.

The complex is a small resort town with hotels, swimming pools and restaurants, offering all kinds of services for holidaymakers.

Thermal springs are located at an altitude of 360-390 m above the sea level. They owe their temperature to the rainwater, which penetrates the soil and reaches the required depth, where it heats up, then rises higher, and, of course, is enriched with minerals and other useful substances.

Therapeutic properties of water are recommended for diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, rheumatism, gynecological and dermatological diseases.