The amazing inventions of Aristotle in Stagira

Aristotle's Park is a unique theme park on the peninsula of Halkidiki, located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, in the homeland of the great scientist in the village of Stagira.

The park has always existed here, but only in 1956 this beautiful place was chosen to house the statue of Aristotle, the work of sculptor Nikola.

Here are collected, perhaps, the most remarkable of his inventions, which can be seen and tested in action.

Immerse yourself in a world of amazing and unexplored: a hydro turbine, optical discs that strike the imagination with unusual visual effects, as well as two huge parabolic discs that let you hear even the quietest whisper despite the distance. It is possible because the sound waves are reflected like in a mirror; their energy is concentrated in the center and passes into the ear of the interlocutor.

The inertia-moving spheres teach us that the initial momentum is preserved during the impact of the spheres and is transmitted from one to the other.

With the help of a huge lens and the sunlight, the most patient visitors can try light up a piece of paper.

On a metallophone consisting of five large pieces of granite, you can extract an intricate melody, as each of the externally identical keys produces its own unique sound. This is an ancient pentatonic musical scale.

A large sundial shows not only the exact time of Stagira, but even a month.

There is a compass in front of the statue of Aristotle showing the direction and distance to the most famous cities in the world. Thus, this compass reminds the world that scientific thought was born in Greece.

This is an incredibly informative trip for the most inquisitive travelers.